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Hoomneed™ Lemon Fluicer

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Product description
Introducing the Lemon Fluicer, an easy squeeze manual lemon juicer that will revolutionize your citrus juicing experience.

The Lemon Fluicer employs a unique hinged mechanism that presses the fruit in half from the sides, mimicking the motion of juicing with your own hands. This method requires less force than squashing the fruit flat like traditional lemon juicers, resulting in effortless and efficient juicing.

Say goodbye to strained hands and wrists while juicing lemons. The two-handed sideways pivot operation provides increased leverage, utilizing the larger muscle groups of your arms instead of just your hands. This unique feature requires less effort compared to traditional citrus presses.

With its slim design, it folds completely flat to save storage space. No more struggling to fit a bulky hump or bump into your kitchen drawer - this lemon juicer is designed to fit seamlessly into your kitchen space.

To ensure a mess-free and controlled juicing experience, the Lemon Fluicer comes with an in-built pip catcher. Not only does it strain the juice, but it also acts as a funnel, directing the juice flow directly into a glass or small bowl. No more messy spills or wasted juice!

Upgrade your citrus juicing game with the Lemon Fluicer. Its easy squeeze operation, space-saving design, and clever features make it a must-have tool for any kitchen. Experience the joy of effortless juicing today!

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