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Hoomneed™ Limited Edition Crystal Rose🌹

Product description
There's no better way to say I Love You than with a rose, the ultimate sign of love universally.

 What are they made of? 

First, we take the roses that are grown from our various farms, we then use a special technique that freezes them so they can live forever!

We then use the frozen moldings as a model to replicate thousands of unique Galaxy Roses that live forever. Environmentally friendly and non-polluting!

Image result for galaxy rose gif

Finally, we cover them in an iridescent holographic coating to make the rose PVC stem and PVC petals sparkle in the light.

Then we hand-place each iridescent holographic coated petal which makes the roses look so eye-catching!


Each rose is one of a kind and made to last a lifetime so your loved one will be reminded every single day just how much they mean to you! 💖

💕Comes with a limited edition gift box.


💕Each rose is handmade to look both beautiful and realistic!


💕Not available in stores.

💕 unique gift, no other gift can compare!


Gift box size: 27cm * 10cm * 7cm

Weight: 200g (Rose + Gift box + Handbag)


Return & Warranty
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