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Super Absorbent Bath Mat

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Product description
You don't have to worry about mold, bacteria and stains anymore!

Let no water drop on your floor!

Walking out of the bathroom, your body may be clean but your floor will get wet and dirty due to the water drops from your body. Keep your floor always dry to keep your home safe and clean with our Super Absorbent Floor Mat.

Absorb water quickly

Once you step on the mat, you'll see the water disappear right in front of your eyes.

Hassle-free cleaning

Since the DryMat dries up in an instant, cleaning it is simple and hassle-free. All that you have to do is to scrub it with anti-bacterial soap to keep it in pristine condition. 

Last for years

Made from natural rubber and other high-quality materials, it can last for years without tearing, wearing or losing its absorbent feature. 

Bring ultimate comfort

Our mat is made with skin-friendly material that's comforting to your feet. Plus, it has a multi-layered design that makes you feel like you're walking on the clouds.

  1. Material: Nappa leather + Rubber 
  2. Dimensions: 50 x 80cm
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